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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Perpetual evolution. (Samsung Mob!lers)

The world we live in is developing non-stop and we, as people are no exception. Adapting to our surroundings, changing in order to keep up with industry, nature and our own dreams.

It would be almost impossible to justify comparing the human race to a single piece of modern technology, but three words can be used to describe what is desired by mankind, and achieved by Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Thin, Fast and Powerful. Why are these three words paramount in Samsungs technology of today? Here are a few insights.


Thin is in, as much as some of us are intimidated by the pressure of media, we cannot switch on a TV without facing what we are ‘supposed to be’.

As well as being fashionable, thin is what streamlines us, stripping away un-necessary bulk in order to optimise efficiency, to enable ease of transportation and to save power. Thin looks good when proper care has been taken to achieve it, thin gives us the opportunity to hide in the shadows, to quietly overtake, to move in the slipstream.


The world is one big race, and with so much competition, one factor is a must – Speed. Speed is the difference which separates great effort and great achievements. With the amount of information we need on a daily basis to succeed, lag is at the forefront of failures arsenal. Do you have an idea which could make you your first million?? Get there fast, or you may never get there at all.


Power is the ultimate measure of potential, impact, output, processing capacity and all we strive to gain in society. We are all born as vulnerable beings, and from the moment of birth, life is a struggle for power, whether political, physical or social – Power is a characteristic not to be challenged without great caution. Power is what is exerted during the challenge and what is rewarded after in another form.

All of the above examples could be used to describe human desires, or technology.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has achieved all these characteristics, but the technology is always developing. Thin, Fast, Powerful – the forefront of design.

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