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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The future: looking at Samsung mobile technology in years to come.

There’s no doubt that Samsung for some time now, have become a leader in world technology, and arguably the world’s most inspirational provider of mobile technology. Samsung have never failed to unleash unthinkable innovations into mobile phones and set the standard for the competition.

I have been given the most difficult task I can think of – which is to try and pen some ideas of what I think Samsung will be doing with their future products 5, 10 and 15 years from now.

Let’s get silly.

Recent times:

Looking back at the last 5 years mobile phones have changed rather drastically in terms of form factor and primary purpose, the reason for this I believe is that the hardware manufacturers are predicting more demand for silent communication and higher demand for multimedia based networking. The evidence for this very easily found with the loss of the ‘banana style’ form factor once the only option for mobile phone users – the classic ‘almost wrapped around the side of the head’ design which made speaking on the phone second nature, has been almost completely dropped to make a large, flat touch-display fit in better.

Alpha-numerical keypads which once suggested ‘full time numbers, part-time text’ are being phased out for QWERTY keyboards which contradict the alphanumeric idea completely. The fact that hardware keypads are close to extinction suggests we are reading more than we are writing on our phones too...

Once upon a time mobile phones and computers were made to be kept well away from each other, they didn’t get along very well and once connected there was very little point in the unison. For a short period phones and computers were used together for the transfer of media etc... but as tech has moved on so fast even that use is arguably redundant with the move of social networking and cellular internet access!

My opinion on mobile tech today is that the primary purposes have changed completely, less than 20% of all my communication on my Galaxy S 2 is spoken, and of you count Internet browsing, news, research and leisure, probably less than 5% of my phone use is spoken phone calls. If it was up to me, it would be a mobile organisation, communication and media device, not Mobile phone!!

5 Years from now:

In 5 years I believe that computers will simplify/boldify operating systems in order to grab the social network audience, and as a result operating systems such as iOS, Android and Chrome will account for a much higher proportion than now – Windows will dumb-down a little, so to speak.

With the above in mind this will enable mobile phones to sync seamlessly in real-time with computers, tablets, TV’s and other household appliances (within reason). We will be communicating on computers and mobile phones in an identical fashion... Saying ‘I can’t wait to get home to upload this’ will be an extinct expression. Mobile network providers worldwide will increase bandwidth, and voice clarity will be seen to as a priority.

Social networking in 5 years will be popular as ever, eventually becoming a common medium of communication for the elderly as well as the younger generations.

The changes in Samsungs hardware will update at the same rate as today, which means in 5 years, proportionately speaking, mobile phones will be out-speccing top gaming computers of today (granted, you can’t exactly truly appreciate top gaming capabilities on a mobile handset). Screens will be 4X higher resolution by standard and 3D will still be a bit hit and miss with consumers. Large storage capacities exceeding 1TB will be offered to extreme media fiends (Don’t believe me? Check out today’s SDXC capabilities). Battery life will be improved, but I can’t help but think that performance will still be questioned.

As for form factor I believe we will have a similar common standard to the Google Nexus S or the Nexus Prime – Taking a curved display, concealed camera and having almost no border to the screen.

10 Years from now:

In 10 years from now, having a household without some form of mobile phone or home PC will be like running a household with no trousers... It will be almost impossible to hold a family or social life. Your mobile phone will be your primary source for emails, which contain the entirety of your household bills etc... And physical post will only be items of shopping. Measures will be taken to try to introduce charges for use of all wireless networking as demand for physical post plummets, book sales are starting to drop and adult education starts to be moved from the classrooms into the home office.

Social networking will no longer be associated with students, novelty photos you never view and alter-egos. Social networking will be known by the individual providers’ brand name and will be the mainstream for all non face-to-face communication. Very few will still use land-line phones, with the exception of businesses.

Hardware-wise Samsung would have now cracked auto-stereoscopic 3D displays but 3D is still not so popular! The next step in display tech will be to bring plasma-holographic imagery to mobile devices. Phones are now very thin and resistant to impact & other elements. Media such as music, recorded video and photos are stored on the now-reliable cloud – watching video between your PC, Phone & TV is seamless and instantaneous thanks to improved mobile networks & technology. Voice-recognition no longer suffers from mistakes caused by regional accents and is now commonly used on numerous handsets. Very little difference between UI’s across phones, PC’s & TVs.

15 Years from now:

Very little has changed in terms of social networking since the 10 year

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