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Thursday, 3 November 2011

5 Reasons to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab!

I had never planned on owning a Tab before I actually got one, but after taking it through its paces I have found it to be more useful than I ever expected!

1: Gaming on it is ACE!!!

Yes, the most obvious point is that the larger display allows a greater gaming experience, but the Tegra chipset is what makes the games come alive! Birds will be flying into pigs smoother than ever, not to mention more accurately!

2: The office is now officially ultra-portable!

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes with free software called Polaris Office, which is a full MS compatible suite in which you can view, edit and create new documents in MS Word, Excel and PP format, there is also now an online storage facility so you can retrieve your important documents anywhere!

The email apps also look absolutely stunning on this device, with the ability to view one email whilst browsing through others this is truly a ‘full’ email experience. The calendar is large and clear too, making use of the scrollable widgets can make life much simpler!

3: Join the Tab club!!

There are several free (and paid) apps available on the android market specifically optimised for Honeycomb 3.0+, for example the YouTube app has a completely new layout in which all your suggested videos are laid out in a 3D style wall which looks amazing when scrolling through. Other apps to check out are the Dolphin browser for Tablets, Google Docs and IMDB.

4: The Battery, oh lord, the battery!

A reason to buy the tab its-self alone is the immense battery life, whilst in constant use you can probably get 10 or so hours out of it, but when its under light use, with a bit of Wifi here and there, a couple of YouTube videos a day etc... I wouldn’t be surprised if the battery lasts a week!

5: Media, how it’s meant to look!

If you are a commuter like myself, and often find yourself bored, you may also find that watching movies on a sub 5’’ screen entertaining, for a couple of minutes. With the Tab 10.1 the screen is so large and clear you will instantly find yourself immersed in your videos, the display is HD and the sound is crystal clear, whether using headphones or the built in STEREO speakers.  This device really turns portable media into true entertainment on the go, and when combined with a web connection, the possibilities are endless!

Go try one out and let me know how you get on!

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