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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: A preview...

In early 2010 Google pushed out the groundbreaking HTC Nexus One device, giving casual users and cellular software developers a Mobile phone with specifications high enough to run the most demanding of applications with ease. Shipped with the latest Android software (2.1) and no fancy overlay to get in the way, this device was only out with one mission – to change the common idea that phones were to be kept as they shipped.

Since the release of the HTC Nexus One, Google decided to hand the Nexus baton to the mighty Samsung, who released the innovative ‘Nexus S’, comparable to the award-winning Galaxy S, but sporting exclusively the latest version of Android (2.3), stripped of the TouchWiz interface and topped off with a gorgeous curved screen designed to push ergonomic innovation to the next level.  The Nexus S was a huge hit with developers and a great device overall. It is clear that Nexus devices are more than just a series of quirky handsets, they are a growing ensemble of pioneering technology crying out to be pushed to the limits... In this short time a phenomenon has appeared as if from nowhere.

So now, here we are about to witness the release of the latest Nexus device, the question is no longer ‘will it be as good as PHONE A?’, it is now more a question of ‘which manufacturer can produce a device powerful, desirable and innovative enough to hold the Google Nexus title?’. Samsung have been entrusted with the responsibility, let’s look at the product...

The first thing to note is the usual Nexus signature – the latest version of Android, now v4.0 AKA ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ the whole OS has been vamped and is now no less than stunning... Taking utilities with both mobile handsets and Tablets in mind a whole host of new tools have been added to the interface, for example, multi-tasking has now been made much more effective with the addition of scrollable, live thumbnails of running/recently used applications – clearly suitable for large and small screens...

A first for the Nexus range is a break from the now bog-standard screen resolution of 480x800 pixels, now upped to 1280x720, on a 4.65’’ display, images and interface should be crisp beyond all expectations, not to mention that the display is Super AMOLED, which has been Samsungs secret weapon against all competition. Developers will now need to look at the way app interfaces look in a whole new light, as the display quality offers too much potential to under-fulfil. The display has also been given the curve-treatment which is sure to turn heads!

Despite the ‘mere’ 5mp sensor the image capture of the primary camera has been a massive hit with the ‘hands-on’ reviews, also thanks to the high screen res your photo previews are sharp as a tack.
Another pleasant addition to the specs is the increased battery cell capacity, at 1750mAh, it has to be enough to get even the most angry-birds-addicted user through just over a day without precautionary charging! Unfortunately, like the last Nexus model there’s no room for memory expansion, though this phone does come in 16GB & 32GB models it should be rather hard to fill...

On the whole I feel the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a welcome addition to the Nexus family, the specs are reasonable but nonetheless revolutionary. The handset is the most desirable I have seen in a long time and I, personally would use this as my primary device. Ice Cream Sandwich is the way forward and this device is definitely running it to it’s potential.

Go get it!

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