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Monday, 3 October 2011

Video On The Go?

One of the great advantages of having a smartphone is the ability to carry high quality footage in your pocket. I am currently using my Samsung Galaxy S 2 for my commuting entertainment, and when I’m not playing games like ‘Stupid Zombies’, ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Bubble Blast’, I like to watch videos on the train, my preference by far is under 5-minute comedy clips, amongst other informational content. Below is my top 5 short video series’ available on YouTube for commuters.

1: College Humour Originals Present Jake and Amir.

Jake and Amir is a sub-series presented by two of the College Humour cast, usually the setting is a desk in modern office, and the plot is general banter – your classic ‘dim witted Amir and short-tempered Jake’ series. Thrown in is usually an up-to-the-minute reference towards trend and the odd misunderstanding, this series sounds like a cliché, but I assure you, the series is very entertaining and funny.

2: Vkgoeswild (YouTube Channel).

Vkgoeswild is a YouTube Channel run by an Icelandic independent musician who specialises in piano covers of alternative music, namely rock and metal covers. I particularly like this channel as  the videos are generally short, but the level of skill and talent is so high, that every upload is inspiring and uplifting.

3: IGN Entertainment.

IGN Entertainment is an up-to-the-minute channel which provides the latest news about video games, consoles, general computer software, and occasionally, gadgets. Videos are uploaded daily and news is delivered effectively and clearly. This channel is a must-follow for hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike.

4: Mobile Gazette.

Mobile Gazette is one of the leading gadget guides out there, and their YouTube channel generally puts out fair reviews, news, how to’s and unboxing videos of all the latest mobile phones. The news is always up to date and the reviews/unboxing videos are usually very in-depth.

5: Fail Blog.

What can I say? If you haven’t visited Fail Blog yet, you’re in for a treat! Most videos are under one minute and there’s usually a 99.9% of laughter. From skateboarding accidents do DIY mishaps, there are hundreds of uploads to kill those vital last few seconds of your commute.

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