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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New kid on the block...

With the Samsung Galaxy S 2 ruling the roost for quite some time now very little competition has even come close to taking the number 1 spot – but every titan gets their day, the Iphone 4S is on it’s way, should we be in fear for our Galaxy S 2s? Heres a brief prediction...

Build quality

Historically Samsung have always built solid handsets, even cheaper phones still feel sturdy in the hand, and despite its weight and back panel, the Galaxy S 2 is a very solid phone, with nice balance of weight, no offset edges – the only downfall as far as I can gather, is that the shiny, smooth plastic on the bottom lip if the phone may be vulnerable to scratching.

The Iphone comes out of the box sparkling like a diamond, in true Apple fashion it’s sleek, slim, and the materials used in production are of high quality. The phone carries a nice amount of weight too. One downfall is that despite all claims, I have seen plenty of Iphones age terribly, the handsets do become tacky if not kept in a case.

Verdict – Draw

Processing power

The Galaxy S 2 came storming out of the gate and effectively changed all the rules, a combination of a nice simple user interface with a dual-core 1.2ghz processor made for maximum performance and set a new standard, this phone, though not the first to carry a dual-core processor, it was certainly the first phone we will remember that paved the way for the new ‘superphone’.

The Iphone 4’s A4 processor might only operate one core, at what is nowadays a sluggish clock-speed, the whole UI is run smoothly and apps don’t seem to have any problems with lag, video is played smoothly and multi-tasking isn’t an issue. With the new dual-core A5 processor being added to the Iphone 4S it looks like Samsung may have to step it up!

Verdict – Iphone clinches this, as the potential is insanely threatening.


Samsung have certainly spent a lot of time tweaking their designs to come up with the perfect handset, and although not perfect, the Galaxy S 2 is a great representation of what Samsung’s innovation has to offer.

Since the release of the original Iphone some years back, very little has changed to be honest, we’re getting more of the same, but smoother, slimmer, and more up to date with today’s trend... The Iphone 4S is identical to the Iphone 4 but with a few wrinkles ironed out.

Verdict – Samsung takes it by a country mile, evolution is what keeps the industry interesting...

Excitement factor

The Galaxy S 2 had some big shoes to fill, following the footsteps of the mighty Galaxy S, and the overlooked Nexus S, there was a lot of buzz around Samsungs latest monster. Conference floors were crowded with people eager to see how this phone could shape 2011, the Super AMOLED Plus, the 1.2ghz processor and 1GB of RAM was enough to keep the Galaxy he talk of the town.

Marketing is at the very heart of Apples success as a cellular manufacturer, where some products have a slow release period and sell themselves eventually, sadly, Apple are not a good example of this. The mere mention of the fashion conscious cellular giant creates global buzz... That’s until the Iphone 5 was officially unconfirmed as Apples next device – an updated current model was never going to cut it!

Verdict – As the Iphone 5 has now been revealed as the ‘4S’, Samsung claim this.
Mine does and yours doesn’t!

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 doesn’t only pack generous stock specs, but gives you the ability to embellish, by adding a memory card or changing the stock battery for one with a higher mAh rating. The android market is flooded with independent app developers, which has become a very good thing for the customers, and most apps worth having are free!

The Iphone typically comes completely un-changeable out of the box, the closest to customising the handset you will get is by putting a case around it, and the storage capacity you opt for isn’t upgradeable. The app market is fantastic but most good games etc. aren’t free!

To sum it up

We’re in exciting times now as competing smartphones are now truly becoming superphones, shockingly mobile phones of today are out-clocking laptop computers of just a few years back, the media players of mobile phones are outperforming current top mp3/mp4 players, the cameras on our smartphones are rendering the standalone digital camera obsolete.

Samsung and Apple have never been at such stiff competition, and with Android truly throwing a spanner in the works my faith lies with Samsung. I won’t be replacing my Galaxy S 2 with an Iphone any time soon and my reasons lie with freedom to customise, individuality and the fact I know most things worth having on my phone are free!


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