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Thursday, 7 February 2013

RIM/Blackberry - Make or Break time...

After witnessing quite a lot of attention pointed towards Blackberry 10 devices I decided to have a look for myself, and I must say, though not massively original, the designs of the Z10 and Q10 are quite stunning - my personal favourite being the seemingly less-popular Q10 which sports Blackberry's unbeatable physical qwerty keyboard. BB10 seems to have gesture-controls at the core and everything seems to be so much smoother with that oh-so graceful yet industrial interface... Check out the video below from engadget and judge for yourself!

It looks like 2013 is make or break year for two giants (Windows Phone and Blackberry) whom are battling in the shadows of Android and Apple for that much-needed runner-up slot, and with Ubuntu mobile breaking out, who knows what will happen!

I have owned several Blackberry devices myself, but always find the range of apps rather limiting - thus making Android my obvious weapon of choice... Will Blackberry win my (and many others') heart this year?

You never know!

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