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Saturday, 3 September 2011

An Android-Aided Day In The Life – Nip To The Shops In t’Bolton

Luckily for myself I live right in the centre of Bolton, so my first move is a quick tumble downstairs and brisk walk into the precinct with my Samsung Galaxy S 2, and my accomplice, also Galaxy S 2 equipped. As I have my 8 Megapixel camera, why not give it a shot? Here are a couple of landmarks!

I’m out today to look for a couple of PS3 games, and maybe to price up a nice new tab, so my first tactic is to reach for my GS2 and find out where my closest Currys store is.

What do you know?? There’s one right round the corner. The first thing that catches my eye is the marvellous Galaxy Tab 10.1, but am I getting the best deal? Again, reach for the GS2, Google Shopper to the rescue!

After some consideration I decide to head down to HMV as Digital Banking proves my budget won’t push that far this month! But what’s this?? I can sell my games to HMV, and there’s even an app which allows me to scan my games for an instant price for exchange or cash!

 After being on my feet for a little while too long I consult Google Maps – which tells me within 2 minutes walk there’s a Costa coffee. It’s on.

Dodging the scones I go for a Peach Ice tea – Not too relevant to the shopping trip, but after finishing it I managed to get a pretty picture of my ice – How artistic of me indeed!

Let’s compete for that 3 star record on Angry Birds...

And check out the devastation in the football...

All of a sudden, my accomplice receives a phone call – an exciting opportunity arises to apply for an interesting new job, we’re away from our computers, but not to worry.

Open Polaris Office (Free as standard with GS2), locate CV. A couple of changes need to be made to the CV but this isn’t a problem with this fantastic office software, just as simple as edit/save.

And send!! Magic!

After this unwinding session we declare this quick 'nip to the shops' a success... A total of about one and a half hours are spent in Bolton town centre – a trip made short and sweet all thanks to the help of Android, Samsung, the Google Suite and of Course, my accomplice! We’re now at a stage where I almost take these gadgets for granted. How long would it have taken to locate Live football scores, shops, instant accurate price comparisons for buying and selling products, product reviews, and even send photos of our day-to-day lives to relatives across the globe?

All photos we’re taken on Samsung Galaxy S 2 devices, all highlighted text indicates need to use phone features.


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