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I am currently working with Samsung UK Electronics on their Mob!ler scheme - Special thanks go out to the team!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Music on the go - Android. (Mob!lers Mission 2.1)

Almost every mobile phone today has a media player on it, and now we've even got to the stage where if you don't like the interface or service, you can download an alternative player for all your video and music.

One particularly impressive feature of modern mobile phones is the ability to stream music over the airwaves (or to us, Wifi/3G), and android has been packing a great music player for some time now. Winamp is a free music player available on the android market with streaming features to suit literally everyones taste, click below to see a short demonstration on how Winamp gives you the ability to stream free Web Radio and even full albums.

Obviously, streaming isn't always the most convenient option, especially on the go. On the video I am using the Samsung Galaxy S 2 which comes pre-loaded with the Music Hub feature which boasts a service with millions of tracks to download, try-before-you-buy, rate and recommend - so you can load your phone with your favorite tracks to play on your commute to work!

Below is my top 5 tracks this week which should you should give a search!

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