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I am currently working with Samsung UK Electronics on their Mob!ler scheme - Special thanks go out to the team!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mob!lers 2011 end of year round-up - Samsung Mob!lers Launch event.

My first Mob!lers experience was the launch event in Chertsey, the event was the initial launch of the 2011 Mob!lers project.

Upon arrival the Mob!lers were greeted by the Jam representatives Hannah, Sarah and Alex. Due to traffic conditions some people had the opportunity to have a catch-up chat before the event took place. Looking around I could see that Samsung had really gone to great efforts to make this event a positive start to a very productive year.

Once all the Mob!lers were present, the event began with a some inspiring words from Keith O’Brien from Samsung UK, an insight into the on goings of the global Mob!lers and some information about a couple of upcoming Samsung Android products – Then the fun began! We were each given a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Pro! We all had a chance to tear into the packaging, switch on and demo our new phones whilst comparing notes.

Representatives from Samsung Headquarters attended from across the world to inspire us with information on the global Mob!lers, and the friendly competition we were to be involved in, everyone was just so appreciative of what we did, I was truly made to feel like part of a really important team.

Once the ongoing events were all explained there were a couple of competitions – a twitter ‘re-tweet’ competition and a contest to see who could get the fastest lap on ‘Drag Racing’ – an android game. Prizes awarded included mobile phone accessories and tickets to see Take That perform live!

Everybody met at least one new friend at the event and I’d like to think I’d met many. We had a group photo then went our separate ways with minds full of inspiration, and a new product to work on!

Thank You

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